Tom MacKay stTom MacKayarted Audio-Visual back in 1988 as a way to start enjoying what he did for a living. Always a lover of custom audio systems, and truly not made out for the corporate world, Tom found the ultimate escape was the toys he had been playing with since he was a kid (though most of us think he has yet to grow up). With more than 3800 system designs under his belt, he truly is one of the leaders in the field. If questions need to be answered this is the guy to talk to – he always has something to say.

Jason WoodsJason Woods is a project manager who has been with our company for close to a decade. In his time with the company, he has learned all of the ropes from the best in the industry and now is considered one of the best himself. Never afraid to tackle new projects, Jason passes his skills on to the other crew members he works with. Jason takes great pride in making his crew the best all around.


Nathan BusterNathan Buster began shadowing his brother in 2007 and has since become an asset to the crew. Always the most enthusiastic member of the crew Nate is following his brothers footsteps.




John BusterJohn Buster is a crew member who joined our company in mid-2005.”Buster” as we lovingly call him, is the man who leads our prewire team, setting the foundation for the audio/video, LAN and telephone systems. Along with fundamental AVC work ethic of “it’s not done until it’s done” Buster brings a sense of humor unrivaled amongst the ranks. Only serious to the point he has to be, Buster is sure to bring a smile to your face any time you are lucky enough to have him in your home.